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General introduction

Long Van was established in 2013 with the goal of becoming one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam's Yarn manufactures.

We established the factory with the purpose of bringing the best quality products to customers. Long Van is invested with the most modern and advanced machines on the market, from manufacturers such as Rieter, Toyota, Trutzschler, Mualec, Zinser. Up to now, Long Van's production capacity has 80.000 spindles of carded yarn with an output of 1000 tons/month and 1000 tons/month with 12.000 boxes of OE yarn.

Long Van is currently providing these products:
CD yarn (100% carded cotton): count from Ne16 – Ne34
OE yarn (100% cotton) : numbers from OE10 – OE32

With the main material being cotton imported from large and high-quality markets such as the US, Australia, Brazil, etc., Long Van is gradually establishing itself in the domestic and international yarn market. Long Van is recognized by large manufacturing enterprises in the world from countries such as China, Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Thailand for product quality.

Giới thiệu chung
0919 872 468
0919 872 468